Finally, After More Than 30 Years Of Closed Doors, The Small Town of Castelfidardo,
Italy, Home Of The Greatest Accordion-Makers, Has Once Again Begun Production Of the Rolls-Royce Of All Accordions:
The Magnificent Settimio Soprani Artist VI.

Artist VI
Artist VI D
Artist VI D all black
Artist VI matt black
Artist VI GM 4
Artist VI GM 4 all black
Superbus classic design
Superbus modern design
Artist V
Artist IV
Accademia white
Artist VI GM 4 vintage
Artist VI wood
Artist french line
Favorita IV
Artist VI GM 4 white black
Prestigio IV
Rialto IV
Rialto IV C

Our Process

The secret of the success of the accordeons of Settimio Soprani lies in the care, with which each component as well as the accessories are manufactured. The whole production-process of the instruments takes place in Castelfidardo without exception. The name of Settimio Soprani stands for tradition, craftmanship, passion, contineous research and development. Each accordeon represents a music instrument which is rich in history and artisan craftmanship. The elements which signify the Settimio Soprani quality are without a doubt the quality of each component as well as the excellent workmanship. This results in a powerful sound and an unparalleled elegance. The patented "Valve with special Cover" represents one of Settimio Sopranis technological breakthroughs .
The patented "Artist VI Decoration" contributes to the superior allure. The manual perfection and highest quality embodied in the flawless internals as well as the unique external aesthetic of the instrument are also the fundamentals of Settimio Somprani since the establishment of the company. Another factor in the superiority of Settimio Soprani lies in the premium-quality wood with a noble finish used in the production, which lends brilliance and robustness to the instrument. High performance materials such as nacre and leather are only some of the aspects which differentiate Settemio Soprani from others. The optimal ergonomics of each model are crafted with maximum care. As a resultthe instrument has the ideal weight and handiness which allows the musician to carry out his talent and skills in the highest form.

Settimio Soprani.

A history of uniqueness.

Settimio Soprani GM Collection

“A tribute to the greatest pioner of the accordion”

Artist VII

The accordion of the future? One that puts together performance and style. As the best design objects do.

That's AMORE

The beauty of tradition

Can inspiration become an obession? Artist VII.

Accordion Elegance

Italian Hearth

Castelfidardo Passion

Learn from the past

Prepare for the future

Live in the present

1 Accordion! 2 Designs!

Change your dress!


You choose innovation and tradition.

Everybody is talking about Settimio Soprani Artist VI.

Start playing!

Made in Castelfidardo

Experience and elegance!


So shick, so stylish...

Played once, because when you tried the best, once is enough.

All under the banner of italian manufacturing excellence.

In a perfect balance between tradition & innovation. An exclusive and elegant appeal.

Accordions with unique personality.

Design with character


Settimio Soprani's faces the present and the future with the logo that distinguishes it. Always.

Unique emotions...

An instrument of style...

Proudly italian made!

From the old... the new is created!

The one and only: Settimio Soprani Artist VI

One of the oldest italian accordion companys.

Settimio Soprani rises to future challenges with it's time-onored and know-how!

Experience and knowledge...

Style & Technology: SETTIMIO SOPRANI

With passion & distinction

Artist VI Settimio Soprani Gervasio Marcosignori

Artist VI GM4 Great Master

Made for frequent players: Artist VI GM Collection

To be one of a kind...

A strong concept that goes beyond passing trends!

Artist VI GM4 Tone chamber

True story...

Original brand

Excellent quality!

Playing luxury...

Settimio Soprani - The symbol of an elegant exclusivity

The future belongs to those who has a great past...

SETTIMIO SOPRANI Artist Collection

The most refined materials, artisan perfection...

That becomes an art!

These are the products of Settimio Soprani which has represented the origins of the wonderful world of accordion.

For over 150 years!

SINCE 1885

Stop watching, start playing!

Luxury is no pleasure, because pleasure comes from passion ...

The only real elegance is in the detail...

 If you have got that, the rest really comes from it.



A piece of modern art...


Tradition - continuous research - state-of-the-art development

Transformed by talented masters into a work of art.

How different would you be?

In the sign of the highest quality!

The future lives in the past.


City of Accordion

There is no mistery about a Settimio Soprani.

Perfection in the craft - more than a century!

Rethink everything and change the future.

The power of personality - Settimio Soprani

Our History

Towards the end of the 18th century, the family Sopranilived and worked at the border between the municipalties of Recanati and Castelfidardo.

This family started and developed a previously unknown business, which in a few years became relevant in the area and throughout Italy: the manufacturing and the production of button accordions.